Adam Vigneaux



An inventory management app targeted at small to medium film studios, built as a senior project. I built the RESTful API in Node.js with the Restify framework. I also designed the schema for and managed the MySQL database.

GoCo Student

An app once used by eighty-three percent of Gordon College students (about 1,400), GoCo provided fast access to student data, circumventing school websites. I built the app with the Ionic Framework and the backend with Node.js.


A service that texted five hundred students at Nashoba Regional High School their class schedule every morning. SchedU was a PHP script that used the Google Calendar API to get the schedule and Twilio to send text messages.


Brian Gordon screenshot

Brian Gordon

A documentary about a custodian at my college. I befriended Brian over the years, and after learning enough about his story, I decided to produce a film about him for an independent study. Producing this film helped me learn the nuances of telling a story.

Barrington Sessions

Every place has a music scene, you just have to look for it.
I shot, recorded, and edited most of the sessions alone and with whichever cameras I could get access to. The project's goal was to highlight budding musicians in a unique way.

Why Gordon logo

Why Gordon?

A documentary that attempts to tell the story of why students come to Gordon College. This film was inspired by my anecdotal experience that most of my friends came to Gordon as a backup plan, and only stayed because of the people, not because of the school.